Meet the Team – Volunteer Coordinator (Collections)

Katie Weston

Job title
Volunteer Coordinator (Collections)

Describe a typical working day at Epping Forest District and Lowewood Museums.
Anything from working at our museum stores on collections projects with the Collections Manager and volunteers, to researching best practice for volunteer management, writing policies and sourcing funding applications. It’s busy and diverse, which I enjoy!

What is your favourite thing about working at the Museum?
Besides the volunteers and staff, who are so committed and passionate about their roles, I have been fascinated by the collections at Epping Forest District Museum. It’s a joy to work with a collection that is so eclectic.

Share one piece of advice for those interested in working in the Museum field.
Be confident and versatile; remember that ‘soft skills’ are highly valuable in any career. I also think having a good understanding of funding streams and strong IT skills is very helpful in getting ahead in the progressing Museum field.

Which historical figure would you like to meet and why. What would you ask them?
Erno Goldfinger, to talk concrete, modernism and post war housing solutions!

Where would you choose to go/visit if you could go anywhere in the world for a day?
I have a long established plan to visit Russia and travel on the Trans Siberian Express.

What was the first music track or album you bought?
No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom.

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