Waltham Abbey Church

We often share images of Waltham Abbey Church on our social media sites and thought we would make a little gallery of some of the photographs of the church we have.

To see more images of Waltham Abbey and the district visit our local history website http://www.efdhistory.org.uk

4 thoughts on “Waltham Abbey Church

  1. Hello, could you tell me please if u have any knowledge or copy of the film made one Christmas, possibly 1965/6, where children walked around inside the Abbéy with their Christmas presents. It was definitely televised. I was pushing a silver cross dolls pram and a boy next to me was inside a Dalek. Would really love to know if film exists and if others recall this

    • Hi Jan,

      We have had a look in the museum collection and we don’t have a copy of the film – I it would be great to hear from you if you do find a copy or hear from anyone that does have one.

      Epping Forest District Museum Team

      • Thanks for looking. Where would you suggest is the next place to try! Perhaps people the same age as me that are still in The Abbey may know or remember?

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