Museum Garden from home

Victoria Robertson, our Community Engagement Officer, has taken the Museum Garden into her own home to keep it going while we are closed and get it ready for the new season when we reopen. Here is what she has been up to.

Garden 1


Celery Golden Self Blanching new

Seeds can be sown indoors or in the green house like I have. The stalks of Golden Self Blanching are much more yellow rather than green they will be ready to begin harvesting in August. They have a very strong flavour great in soups and taste great braised in the oven.





garden 2

Lettuce All The Year

These seeds will provide lettuce all year round. In the winter months they can be kept in a greenhouse, cold frame or on a window sill indoors. They are a crunchy butterhead variety a great all round lettuce excellent for salads or in sandwiches. Can be harvested at the leafy stage. If left in to mature the hearts will form.




Garden 3


Dwalf Kale is a very vigorous grower that is cold hardy. It can withstand light frost. It is an early variety of Kale that produces a great crop of crumpled deep green foliage leaves.

Spring onions

They are simple to grow in a sunny site and are an essential summer vegetable especially great in salads and omelettes.

Runner beans

Runner Beans need to be started like this in small pots. Runner Beans will usually germinate in about a week. I will have to harden off the Runner Bean plants every day for 7 days before I bring them outdoors.

Garden 4

This is the space that I will devote to the museum growing project when I move my rhubarb out of the way it will be bigger. I will also grow produce inside my greenhouse. I have removed some weeds and will dig in some well-rotted manure to improve the soil conditions. It is in full sun and will be a perfect temporary space that I can use for the project and to share the growing progress.



Art and Craft Activities

Week 2 Family Art and Craft – Easter Bunny!

Easter Bunny Mask Example photo with ears and handle

We are sorry not to see you all at the museum for our Easter Family Fun activities.  We thought you might be missing the museum as much as we are so why not have a go at the Easter Activity at home?

If you would like to have a go at one of the activities at home, here’s the Easter Bunny Mask Template 1 for our Easter Bunny Mask – it’s simple and fun to make at home.




Resources you’ll need

  • sheet of paper or card
  • printer (if not you can draw out the template
  • glue
  • cotton wool and any other materials to make your bunny as fun as possible.
  • string or strip of card

All you need is a sheet of paper or card.  You can print the template off, colour it in and cut it out.  If you don’t have a printer just have a go at drawing it yourself – you can even fold the paper in half lengthways so you just draw half the bunny face, then cut it out while still folded to give you the whole mask!

If you have glue you could add cotton wool and any other materials to make your bunny as fun as possible.  Just tie on some string or staple a strip of card from a cereal box on the side to make a handle to hold the mask in front of your face!  Happy Easter!!

Art and Craft Activities

While you are staying at home we thought we would share some great craft activities you could do!

Week 1: Big letters

Big letters - Family

Leanne has been making some art resource boxes for the museum.  Lots of the ideas in it are very simple things you can do at home with everyday things.  To start off, try this big letter activity – think of a word that means a lot you and have fun GOING BIG WITH IT!!

Resources you’ll need

  • paper or card (cereal boxes are perfect)
  • pencil, colouring pens or pencils
  • scrap material
  • coloured paper
  • glue

Draw outlines of your letters on card – don’t worry about making them perfect – think about turning a letter into a bubble shape.  Decorate the letters any way you like by colouring them in, sticking things to them etc.  You can keep them separate and stick them up, or make a little hole in them then thread them on to wool or string to hang up.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • The Y is made from sticking on buttons
  • The F uses fabric we had lying around
  • The L is made from felt
  • The M uses tissues screwed up into little balls and stuck on
  • The A and I are painted

Get creative and share your words with us!