Museum Garden from home

Victoria Robertson, our Community Engagement Officer, has taken the Museum Garden into her own home to keep it going while we are closed and get it ready for the new season when we reopen. Here is what she has been up to.

Garden 1


Celery Golden Self Blanching new

Seeds can be sown indoors or in the green house like I have. The stalks of Golden Self Blanching are much more yellow rather than green they will be ready to begin harvesting in August. They have a very strong flavour great in soups and taste great braised in the oven.





garden 2

Lettuce All The Year

These seeds will provide lettuce all year round. In the winter months they can be kept in a greenhouse, cold frame or on a window sill indoors. They are a crunchy butterhead variety a great all round lettuce excellent for salads or in sandwiches. Can be harvested at the leafy stage. If left in to mature the hearts will form.




Garden 3


Dwalf Kale is a very vigorous grower that is cold hardy. It can withstand light frost. It is an early variety of Kale that produces a great crop of crumpled deep green foliage leaves.

Spring onions

They are simple to grow in a sunny site and are an essential summer vegetable especially great in salads and omelettes.

Runner beans

Runner Beans need to be started like this in small pots. Runner Beans will usually germinate in about a week. I will have to harden off the Runner Bean plants every day for 7 days before I bring them outdoors.

Garden 4

This is the space that I will devote to the museum growing project when I move my rhubarb out of the way it will be bigger. I will also grow produce inside my greenhouse. I have removed some weeds and will dig in some well-rotted manure to improve the soil conditions. It is in full sun and will be a perfect temporary space that I can use for the project and to share the growing progress.



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