Documenting the District 2020

Documenting in the District

Making a journal of your thoughts and experiences of the Coronavirus pandemic

What is this project about and why is Epping Forest District Museum doing this?


We are all experiencing extraordinary times that is hard to fully comprehend.

The team at Epping Forest District Museum would like to ask if you would capture your experiences of life in Epping Forest District, your thoughts and emotions of the Coronavirus pandemic in a journal. Journaling can often be beneficial, organising your thoughts, looking back upon feelings and experiences and help to process them. It’s also really important for the future: by writing a journal at the time of a historical event, you can help future generations understand what happened in their local area, experiencing it first-hand.

Epping Forest District Museum collects and tells the history of the district through displays, exhibitions, events and activities to local residents and visitors to the area. What we collect ranges from manufactured and handmade objects, photographs, diaries, drawings and oral histories*.

*At a later date, the museum would like to record people’s memories of this time. We understand that this may be sensitive and personal and are happy to be guided by you.

More information can be found here: Documenting the District

If you have any questions or would like to get involved please email