Epping Forest District Museum’s Touring Exhibition Programme

Thanks to funding from Arts Council England, over the past two years, Epping Forest District Museum has been working on an exciting series of touring exhibitions which encompass a wide variety of topics and interests. The series incorporates six exhibitions, including two that are co-curated by our Young Curators from Epping Forest College and Hertford Regional College We are now working on our fifth, sixth and final exhibitions that will finish the series off in time for May 2015. As we are now nearly two thirds of the way through the project we feel its time to take stock of our exhibitions and see what they have achieved.

All of the following exhibitions are free to hire for venues in the East of England. Check our website for more photos of the exhibitions, to download the exhibition packs or to find out where the exhibition is going next.

1950s Fashion: A Decade of Glamour
Launched 26th October 2013

“I loved the exhibition; my favourite bits were dressing up and colouring the templates. The jukebox was great! I think this is a wonderful exhibition and should return soon”. Visitor, Age 10

1950s Fashion was the first touring exhibition of the series and explores both the everyday and extraordinary fashions of the 1950s. It contains vintage outfits of the time including a tailor made Teddy Boy suit designed and created by the tailor to the T.E.D.S. (The Edwardian Society). Visitors can listen to the experiences of those who lived through the mods and rockers, dance to the tunes on our customised jukebox and have fun dressing up in the outfits of the time. A fantastic exhibition that we all enjoyed putting together and launching, 1950s Fashion has proved popular with all audiences and venues and has already toured to six different locations since its launch.

Next at: Mansfield Museum, Nottinghamshire.

Response and Rescue: The Making of the Emergency Services
Launched 28th March 2014

“We visited today as the children are keen on emergency vehicles. They really enjoyed the games, dressing up and the audio guide…if the children are busy playing, parents can read the information! Thank you, we have been to the Henry Blogg Museum many times so its really good to have a new part to explore” Visitor, Age 36-45.

From Victorian volunteer fire brigades to today’s dedicated coastguard crews, this exhibition tells the story of the creation and development of the emergency services. It explores the lives of those working on the front line and the history of the life-saving services that we depend upon daily.
This exhibition is a little different to the others as it has a special emphasis on emergency services in the East of England and includes an audio tour of collected objects and stories from across the region (which venues are able to customise and add to). There is a lot to see and the display is packed full of entertaining games and interactives.

Design Icons: Through the 1960s,70s and 80s
Launched 28th August 2014

“I have told friends about this exhibition and will tell others” Visitor, Aged 70

Taking you on a journey from the mischievous Mary Quant Fashions to the ground-breaking Nintendo Gameboy, this exhibition explores some of the most recognisable designs of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Both innovative and unique, these retro design icons captured the imagination of their contemporaries and continue to inspire designers today. This exhibition features lots of hands on bits and pieces but my favourite part is the collection of original Nintendo Gameboys that visitors can play on.
Design Icons is the first of the two exhibitions curated by our Young Curators. The exhibition was worked on from start to finish by two students from Herts Regional College and is designed with teenagers and young people in mind. As part of its launch, we also rolled out a series of workshops for young people interested in the creative arts. These can tour with the exhibition so look out for them near you.

Now at: Lowewood Museum, Hertfordshire.

The Cold War: 1945-1989
Launched 28th November 2014

We decided to put together a Cold War exhibition as November 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, an event we thought should be commemorated and remembered. A thought-provoking and interesting exhibition, The Cold War taught me a lot about the tense struggle between communism and democracy and its effect on the world around it. Hopefully our visitors will learn a lot from it too!
We really tried to show how the Cold War affected popular culture and so this exhibition includes the music and literature inspired by the conflict and even features a reading corner for those intrigued by the shady spy stories of the time.

Next at: The Norris Museum, Cambridgeshire.

Coming Next:

Mythical Creatures
Launching April 2015

Curated by students from Epping Forest College as part of our Young Curators Programme, this exhibition showcases the students’ artworks and interpretations of legendary mythical creatures. From mermaids to griffins, this exhibition has shown me a lot about the stories and beliefs that have been used to explain these mythical beasts.
It’s time to suspend your disbelief…

Next at: Epping Forest College.

Launching July 2015

This exhibition will be a dynamic display featuring and celebrating the many ways that populations have kept themselves moving throughout time. The display will launch in July at Lowewood Museum in Hertfordshire, where it will commemorate the 175th anniversary of the opening of the Stratford to Broxbourne railway line.

Next At: Lowewood Museum, Hertfordshire.

Latest Touring Exhibition – Design Icons through the 1960s, 70s and 80s


Taking you on a journey from the mischievous Mary Quant Fashions to the ground-breaking Nintendo Gameboy, Design Icons explores some of the most recognisable designs of the twentieth century. The third exhibition in a series of six touring exhibitions, Design Icons was launched with great success at the Time Machine Gallery in Harlow on Friday 22nd August.

Albie, Ian Beckett, Hannah and Tony Boyce

Albie, Ian Beckett, Hannah and Tony Boyce

Officially opened by the Chairman of Harlow Council, Cllr Ian Beckett and the Chairman of Epping Forest District Council, Cllr Tony Boyce, guests were able to try a selection of 1970s party food (lots of cheese and pineapple hedgehogs!) and experience the music of the three decades from the fantastic live band, The Established.

Design Icons has been curated by two 3D Design students from Herts Regional College as part of Epping Forest District Museum’s Young Curators Programme. Starting in January 2014, Hannah Turner and Albie Saunders worked voluntarily on the exhibition, designing and producing the exhibition from start to finish. The launch night celebrated their hard work and their imaginative creativity.

Original MK1 Raleigh Chopper from Nottingham City Museums and Galleries

Original MK1 Raleigh Chopper from Nottingham City Museums and Galleries

Design Icons is now on display at the Time Machine Gallery until the 7th October. Fun for everyone, the exhibition is packed full of hands-on games and activities. Listen to the top hits of the 1980s, try your hand at playing Mario on an original Gameboy and admire the fashions of the three decades. The exhibition showcases collections from around the East of England and features a 1960s customised Mod Parka from Lowewood Museum and an original MK1 Raleigh Chopper from Nottingham City Museums and Galleries.

For opening times take a look at the Science Alive website – http://www.science-alive.co.uk/

This exhibition is a touring exhibition produced by Epping Forest District Museum and funded by Arts Council England. The museum’s Young Curators programme has been funded by ROH Bridge.

Design Icons: Through the 1960s, 70s and 80s is available to hire, free of charge, to any venue in the East of England. If you are interested in hiring this exhibition or would like to ask a question then please get in touch:
Email – museum@eppingforestdc.gov.uk
Tel – 01992 716 882